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Greetings! I am a psychiatrist and writer working in the Washington, DC metro area. I grew up in suburban Maryland and enjoy writing in all genres, from poetry to short stories to creative nonfiction and op-eds. I am particularly interested in writing about mental health issues for the general public, to increase awareness and reduce stigma and misinformation. As a minority female and careerwoman, I am also dedicated to expanding awareness of women's and cross-cultural/Asian-American issues as well. I have additional experience with military psychiatry and PTSD issues. (I also absolutely adore food from all over the world.) I have been  a Health contributor to The Daily Beast . I write a blog now for Psychology Today called Culture Shrink . I have had work published in The Washington Post, Bethesda Magazine, The Rumpus, In These Times, DAME Magazine, Salon, The American Scholar, Quartz, Aeon, Paste Magazine, New York Post, Good Housekeeping,   and more. I'm available f

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